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No Copay, No Way

At Liberty, we focus on the physician-patient relationship, which is the way family medicine was meant to be practiced. Because we use a membership model, there are no copays required to utilize the services we offer.  

Providing a healthcare alternative, with zero copays, offers our members several benefits. Here are some key advantages: 

  1. Improved Access to Care: Eliminating copays removes a financial barrier to accessing healthcare services. When members do not have to worry about upfront costs for each visit or service, they are more likely to seek timely medical care, including preventive services, screenings, and necessary treatments. 
  1. Enhanced Affordability: Medical costs can add up, particularly for individuals with chronic conditions or those requiring frequent medical visits. Removing copays can help alleviate the financial burden of our members, making healthcare more affordable and ensuring that individuals can access the care they need without undue financial strain. 
  1. Increased Medication Adherence: For members who require ongoing medication, zero copays can encourage better adherence to prescribed treatments. When medications are more affordable, patients are more likely to follow their prescribed regimen, leading to improved health outcomes and reduced complications. 
  1. Encouragement of Preventive Care: Zero copays for wellness visits to discuss recommended preventive services (such as age and risk-based health screenings, bloodwork and vaccinations) can incentivize patients to proactively seek preventive care. Regular check-ups and early detection of health issues can lead to better management of conditions and potentially reduce the need for more expensive treatments down the road. 
  1. Simplified Billing and Administration: Removing copays simplifies billing and administrative processes for both patients and the healthcare providers. It reduces the need for patients to manage and track expenses, and for providers to collect payments and navigate insurance reimbursement processes, streamlining administrative tasks. 
  1. Equity in Access: Greater equity in healthcare access ensures that the cost of care does not disproportionately impact individuals with lower incomes or those facing financial challenges. It helps level the playing field, allowing everyone to receive necessary care without financial barriers. 

Liberty memberships offer access to many included services, with zero copays, as well as multiple offerings at discounted prices. This allows us to return family medicine to its root values of excellent care and compassionate familiarity with every patient. 

No Copay, No Way

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