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Frequently Asked Questions about Liberty

Do you accept insurance?

No.  True direct primary care practices, like Liberty, do not accept insurance in exchange for the services that we offer, but rather have an agreement directly between the patient and the physician meaning your healthcare experience is unique and personalized without copays. That being said, we also care for many patients with insurance at the clinic because they love our convenient and accessible care.

Do I still need insurance?

Yes. Membership at Liberty Family Medicine is NOT health insurance, although it can make accessing quality primary care more affordable and convenient. We still recommend having a HSA or catastrophic insurance plan at a minimum so that you have appropriate coverage for specialist referrals, hospitalizations and emergencies when needed.  This coverage may also be obtained through other programs such as medical sharing plans; contact Liberty Insurance Solutions for more information.   

What if I already have insurance?

Membership at Liberty can also be added to supplement your existing health care coverage. This allows for personalized care, convenience, and flexibility for patients who want full control of their medical care. At Liberty, we offer the additional benefits of greatly reduced laboratory testing and on-site dispensing of generic medications at discounted prices which will further increase the value of your membership. When you become a member, you will quickly see that we can actually save you a lot of money while offering unprecedented access to excellent care.

Does membership at Liberty Family Medicine satisfy Affordable Care Act mandates?

No. Clinic members will still have to obtain insurance coverage that satisfies the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, or they will be subject to a tax penalty. However, as mentioned above, clinic membership makes comprehensive insurance coverage that includes primary care redundant and can significantly reduce overall health costs. Patients with membership at Liberty Family Medicine would be ideal candidates for HSAs, inexpensive, high-deductible (catastrophic) insurance or a medical sharing plan. Please contact Liberty Insurance Solutions for more information.

What can Liberty do for my business?

Businesses who switch to Liberty and plans through Liberty Insurance Solutions save an average of $2,000 per employee per year. Plus, employees save their own money on these plans through this comprehensive healthcare approach. We work with businesses of all sizes and will act as an extension of your healthcare HR team. We provide onsite education and enrollment for your healthcare benefits. Reach out for more information on what your business—and your employees—will save.

Do you charge copays?

No! All visits regardless of type are covered under your monthly membership fee.

Can children become members of Liberty Family Medicine?

Most definitely! We are thrilled to accept all children, birth to 18 years of age. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide routine vaccinations for young children, but will happily work with you to arrange these at the local health department.

Will I benefit from membership if I do not require frequent medical attention?

Of course! Membership at Liberty Family Medicine is tailored to fit your needs directly so each patient’s usage of the services will be slightly different. We encourage patients to come in for regular wellness visits as we like to focus on prevention if possible. Through membership, each patient will have access to the highest quality and personalized primary care for their needs at affordable prices, which is well worth the monthly fee!

What if I need to see a specialist or go to the hospital?

It is our goal to reduce or even prevent most specialist referrals and hospitalizations by providing extraordinary primary care with unparalleled access. When referrals or hospitalizations are truly necessary, we will continue to work closely with any specialists to ensure the highest level of care and attention you are accustomed to as a member of Liberty Family Medicine is maintained.

Can I become a member if I have Medicare?

Yes! We will not bill Medicare (because we do not bill insurance), but if you'd like to use Liberty Family Medicine for your primary care, you may enroll and you will be charged the age appropriate monthly membership fee.  Medicare will still cover costs outside of the clinic including visits to specialists, hospitalizations, ER visits, imaging, and medications or labs as appropriate.

Do you provide vaccines?

While we do not offer routine childhood vaccines in the clinic, we do offer routine vaccines for adults including tetanus, shingles, and the yearly flu shot.

What if I need medical attention while I'm out of town or on vacation?

Due to our unprecedented access via multiple forms of technology, we are available to you even when you are away from home. Most issues can easily be addressed via technology including sending a prescription to a local pharmacy if needed.

What if my out-of-town relatives need care while they are visiting me?

We can also see your out-of-town family members who are visiting (for an additional fee) instead of them having to go to the urgent care for simple matters. This allows them to see a physician you entrust with your healthcare in a location in which you feel comfortable.

Can I contact my physician after hours? How do I do this?

Yes. Keeping with offering convenient, flexible, and affordable full primary care, our physicians are available via phone after hours for urgent concerns. Emergencies will not be treated at the clinic or over the phone, but rather sent to the emergency room for further evaluation and treatment.

Are my medical records shared with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?

No. At Liberty, we maintain the highest standards of privacy and strictly follow HIPAA compliance. Because our practice is unique, we are not obligated to share any of your information with insurance companies or third parties, unless you specifically ask that we do so.

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