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Liberty takes over DPC clinic in Jefferson City 

Have you already heard the exciting buzz about Liberty Family Medicine’s expansion? We haven’t added on to our Columbia clinic at 2614 Forum Boulevard, but we opened a second location after taking over an existing direct primary care (DPC) clinic in Jefferson City. We’re eager to tell you more about it and about how this opportunity came about — and what it means for our patients. 

Clinic expansion has always been a possibility but only under the best circumstances. Our guiding principles will always put quality over quantity. It’s not only the best way to provide patient care; it’s also a wise business practice. 

There was an existing DPC provider who was looking for someone with a shared vision to take over. The physician already knew the Gruenders, contacted them, and the rest as they say is history. They decided that now was the right time to buy that practice and add it to the Liberty Family Medicine family. That transition occurred on November 1, 2022. 

The Jefferson City practice — formerly Titan Health at 3121 Emerald Lane, Suite 800 — will mirror the Columbia clinic and what our patients have come to expect from Liberty Family Medicine: the same services, the same level of care, and the same access to providers for true after-hours urgent care. Those are the benefits that make Liberty Family Medicine stand apart in the DPC model.  

The hours will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., just like they are for Columbia’s clinic. 

Incidentally, Titan Health opened a few years after Liberty opened in 2016, so DPC is not new to Jefferson City. Currently, there’s no plan to add additional clinics. 

We’ve all seen or heard about the challenges that traditional family medical care practices are experiencing regarding staffing shortages and long wait times for appointments. We are certain this is why the DPC model is growing in popularity as patients have more options for care when it comes to cost and services. 

Dr. Gruender will now be involved at and oversee the Columbia clinic, as well as the Jefferson City clinic. 

We appreciate our patients and the support they’ve shown for the non-traditional methods that direct primary care offers. Our commitment to those values and our patients is only strengthened by the addition of the clinic in Jefferson City. 

Liberty takes over DPC clinic in Jefferson City 

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