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Direct access to your provider is part of the membership, not an ‘extra’

It’s no secret that traditional group and individual health insurance premiums are on the rise. Many insurers cite a surge in patients using healthcare for needs they put off during the height of the COVID pandemic as justification for the increases. But the cost of health insurance, while an important consideration, is just one factor in choosing the healthcare plan that is best for you.  

With a Liberty Family Medicine membership, you won’t have to worry about having access to your medical provider. Liberty offers same-day or next-day acute care appointments when needed. If you have never asked about ease of access in using traditional health insurance benefits, you should. It’s not uncommon that a patient might have to wait several weeks or longer just to make an appointment. 

That’s never the case at Liberty because our medical providers keep their patient panels at a level that allows more comprehensive and, if necessary, more frequent appointments. And not a month from now for acute issues, but either today or tomorrow. 

Here are some examples: 

Liberty has several daycare centers enrolled in business memberships. One benefit of that is strep testing. We know that strep throat can spread rapidly in a childcare setting and if a staff member is showing symptoms, he or she must leave until getting an “all clear” from a medical provider. 

Liberty offers same-day strep testing that is included in the monthly membership fee. If needed, the patient can get medication and return to work quickly. The patient is not losing wages and the employer — especially in a licensed childcare setting that must meet staff to child ratios — also benefits. 

That’s just one example of how Liberty helps members get well faster because of accessibility to their medical provider. 

Another unique feature of a Liberty membership is free and direct access to a patient’s personal medical provider via texts, phone calls, email, and even video chat. Most of us know the frustration of trying to call and get past an automated answering service to reach a medical provider. Liberty’s calls during clinic hours are answered by our nurses. Whether it’s an urgent matter or just a follow up question about something a patient wants to check on, those messages can be directed to the medical provider when appropriate. 

Have you ever been anxious about something — maybe just feeling “off,” have a question about a medication, or maybe you’re planning for a trip, and have some health questions?  If none of those matters are urgent, you can email your chosen medical provider and directly open a dialogue to which they will respond in one to three business days. You can also text your medical provider directly and receive a reply within one business day. This is what sets Liberty apart from all the rest.

A phone call to the clinic is best if it’s an urgent health matter. 

An Associated Press article in December 2022 revealed that many hospital systems around the country “are rolling out fees for some messages that patients send to physicians.” The article said that patient advocates worry that the new fees may deter people from contacting their medical provider and that it adds another layer of complexity to the billing process.  

With a Liberty membership, patients don’t need to worry about being charged a fee for their provider’s time. The phone, text, email, and video chat connection options are all part of the membership, meaning there’s no additional charge. During the initial visit after-hours communication guidelines will be discussed so that patients feel comfortable with how to contact their personal medical provider after hours if needed. Liberty is devoted to providing convenience and flexibility for its patients. 

How is all of this amazing extra communication possible? Keep in mind that Liberty’s business model keeps a provider’s panel of patients at a manageable level to allow for direct care and access. A full day of seeing patients for a Liberty provider is probably eight patients, but that doesn’t include the number of interactions the provider has with patients via email, text, and phone. 

Direct access to your provider and routine follow-ups from clinic nurses as part of the clinic’s commitment to preventative care aren't “extras” for Liberty members. Those services—that dedication to patient health—is central to the principals of direct primary care … at no additional cost. 

Direct access to your provider is part of the membership, not an ‘extra’

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