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About Us

Meet Dr. Bridget Gruender

Physician/Owner at Liberty Family Medicine

Born and raised in southeast Missouri, Dr. Bridget Gruender has been a Columbia resident most of her adult life. Her husband is a Columbia native, and they agree that there is no better place to call home and raise their family. After graduating from medical school in Columbia at the University of Missouri, Dr. Gruender entered the Cox Family Medicine Residency Program in Springfield, Missouri.

She chose family medicine as her specialty because she appreciates the unique relationships she is able to form, not only with one individual, but with an entire patient’s family. She enjoys caring for all ages, treating many types of common illnesses, and performing minor procedures.

Having fewer patients and offering extended visits allows Dr. Gruender more time to focus on the health of the entire patient, which is much more complex than merely the diagnoses assigned to the patient. This allows more convenience and flexibility for both the patient and the physician, resulting in the highest quality primary care. Imagine how great it would be to email or text your physician from anywhere and receive timely treatment rather than deal with the inconvenience of an urgent care, or waiting weeks or even months to see your physician. This is just one of many incredible examples of how Liberty Family Medicine can change the way you feel about primary medical care.

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