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Primary Care, Liberated

Have you ever wanted a doctor in the family so you could easily seek medical care and advice when you need it from someone who really knows you? As a patient of Liberty Family Medicine, you will finally have that kind of personal and easily accessible relationship with your doctor.
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Direct Primary Care

Liberty Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic. Our goal is to return family medicine to its root values of excellent care and compassionate familiarity with every patient.
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Personalized Family Care Within Your Budget

Liberty Family Medicine is a membership-based practice that does not accept insurance and thus are free from the expensive and burdensome administrative constraints of the government and private insurance companies.
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Membership-Based Health Care Coverage

Already have insurance? That's OK, too! Membership can also be added to supplement your existing health care coverage. This allows for personalized care, convenience, and flexibility for patients who want full control of their medical care.
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  • "This is the way that medical care should be."
    "There are no hours spent in a waiting room full of sick people; they are ready for me as soon as I walk in. And if I only need a quick phone call or text message to get my answer, no need to come in at all. Everything about this place is amazing and I can’t recommend it highly enough!"
  • "This has been one of the best decisions I have made."
    "They are always there when we need them to answer questions or concerns. Well worth the monthly investment, for the quality service you receive."
  • "Dr. Kelvas is new to Columbia and an exceptional physician."
    "She spent time to understand and listened to my concerns. I appreciated her attention to detail, asking me questions along the way. I finally felt like it was a partnership, I felt heard. Thank you Dr. Kelvas!"

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